About Mack

Mack Berry Solo
Mack sings and plays to entertain crowds with energetic tunes that keep people moving to his music. His range of vocal skills gets his audience clapping with familiar songs or relaxing to soothing melodies.

Mack is the keyboardist, vocalist, and frontman for the Mack Berry Band. Since beginning in 2023, they have performed throughout the four-state region and have sold out two theatre shows. Rather than simply playing songs, the Mack Berry Band captures the audience's attention with electrifying musical stunts, including, a duel of solos between the keyboards and drums, a conglomeration of iconic synth intros combined into one medley, audience members shouting at the top of their lungs in a sing-along competition, and mid-song, members of the band playing each other's instruments. Click here to Book the Mack Berry Band or view their Schedule.

Why You’ll Love Mack

Mack Berry with Full Effect
  • Award winning pianist
  • Flexible vocals that engage the audience
  • Professional and reliable
  • Able to read a room and play to the crowd
  • Will dress for the occasion
  • Versatile playlist including classic rock, Christian, 80s & 90s, pop, country, classical, ragtime, & jazz
  • Talented. Dedicated. Memorable.

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